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Infographic: Tangles are Trouble!

Educate clients on tangles and mats -- how and why to prevent them, what to do when they show up, and what to expect after they're removed ...

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Tangles are Trouble Infographic

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Old favorites:

"You charge more than my hairdresser!" "Really? Your hairdresser charges less for a wash, cut, blow-dry, style, personal-area shave, manicure, pedicure and ear cleaning all while you tap-dance in your chair? And what does she charge if you bite her?"Please Empty Your Dog! "Do you mind?" Thank You!A tangle begins when pet hair ties itself in a knot! Tangles can happen anywhere but are most commonly found in the chest, neck, armpits, ears, tail, and belly. // A tangle here and there can be addressed with a good conditioner and a little brushing and combing. // Mats form when many neighboring hairs tangle together and begin to pull against each other. // Unchecked matting will continue to grow and merge with neighboring mats. // Large areas of interwoven hairs are called pelts because they come off in a sheet, still connected, even when they are shaved off of the animal.
Click here to see the alternate "Tangle Chart", a colorized version without the explanatory text at 1000x750.